Composition : Village Life

Village Life

There was a time when our village was self-sufficient in all affairs. Village people lived a happy and peaceful life. But with the growth of towns, villages have fallen into decay. Yet village life is still wanted by many of us. It should mention that every city dweller has his or her root in villages. 

At present, the village people suffer from various drawbacks. They are mostly poor and illiterate. Having little or no education they indulge in all sorts of mean and petty jealousies and dirty politics. There are no good doctors in villages. So they suffer from various diseases. 

Villagers can enjoy the fresh air. They can get fresh vegetables and pure milk which the town people cannot enjoy. 

Villages are full of natural beauty. The rivers, the green cornfields and trees and clumps of bamboo are very beautiful to look at. 

Village life is not without disadvantages. There is practically no source of income in the villages. So village people are generally poor. There are very few educational institutions in villages. So most of the villagers are steeped in ignorance. Communication is not good. The ‘Kaucha’ roads become muddy and sometimes go underwater during the rainy season. 

Though modern amenities are lacking in villages, villagers are on the whole happy and contented. Most of them are united by love and fellow-feeling and they stand by one another in times of stress and strife. As a considerable number of our total population live in villages, the relevant (সংশ্লিষ্ট) authorities should think more to provide village people with modern facilities.

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