Composition : An Ideal Village

An Ideal Village

A village is the living place of the rural people. An ideal village is a place where we can find everything we need to head our life. The village where I live is an ideal one considering all the aspects. 

The name of our village is Dhanshiri. It is famous for paddy. 

The village is situated in the district of Mymensingh. The river Brahmaputra flows by the southern side of it. 

About five thousand people live in our village. Most of them are Muslims. About 85% of the people live by cultivation. Many educated people live in our villages. Some of them are service holders. There are some businessmen also. There are also some carpenters, fishermen, weavers and potters here. 

The village is about fifteen kilometres north from Mymensingh. People go to the village by boat or by rickshaw. 

The soil of our village is very fertile. Jute and paddy grow here is plenty. Besides these, sugarcane and pulses are also grown here. 

The sanitation of the village is good. One reserve tank and three tube-wells supply us with pure drinking water. 

There are two free primary schools -one high school and a high madrasah in the village. There are also a sub-post office and a bank here. 

The village is self-sufficient in all respects. That is why it is called an ideal village. 

Every village should have all the facilities with which the innocent villagers can lead their lives in peace. If all the village people come forward to reform the village as an ideal on, the living standard of the people of Bangladesh will rise and thus the country will be developed in a balanced way.

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