Composition : My Neighbour

My Neighbour
My Neighbor

We are social beings. We cannot go on even for a single day without the help of our fellow-beings. Even when human beings were uncivilized they used to live in company to protect themselves from the attack of wild animals. So for a long time, they have been living together in society. 

The man who lives next door to me is my neighbour. He may be rich or poor. He may be either a Muslim or a Hindu. It does not matter. 

The value of neighbour in social life is very great. I help my neighbour in his need and he renders me similar help in my need. Without this mutual help, a society cannot exist. 

Abdul Hakim is our neighbour. He lives next door to our house. He is about fifty years old. He is an accountant in a private firm. Every evening he visits our house and discusses various topics with my father. Often they play chess and watch TV together. His third son Babul reads in the same class as me. He is a good friend of mine. His mother comes to our house and chats with my mother in domestic affairs. My father also seeks his advice in time of need. Thus there is a very good relationship between the two families. 

It would be better to share the common pleasures with neighbours. And if such an opportunity comes, we should share it with our neighbours. For only the neighbours come first when we face any danger. 

There should be good relations between neighbours. Without good neighbourly relations, there cannot be any peace and happiness in society.
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