Composition : The Traffic Police

The Traffic Police

A traffic police is a familiar sight at every crowded place where there is the movement of vehicles. He regulates the traffic by moving his hands. An ideal traffic police is a friend to the persons who are blind the lame. At the same time, his presence is threatening to miscreants. 

His dress is different from that of an ordinary policeman. He puts on the uniform of white trousers, a white shirt or coat and white hat. He has a white umbrella over his head to protect him from the sun and rain. If he does not put on uniform, nobody stares at him at all. 

The primary duty of a traffic police is to control the traffic. He regulates the traffic by giving proper signals to vehicles with the movement of his hands. He extends his hand across a road and stops all traffic moving that way. The crosswise then passes on. He attends to his duty in this way until another policeman relieves him. 

A traffic police is a great guide to the people of the town. His service is very useful. But for his ho, nest service there would have been accidents and collisions on the busy roads and many people would have lost their lives. Now traffic police is provided with red light to help him perform his duty properly at night. Yet he needs to be more equipped. 

A traffic police is a low paid government servant. But he has grave responsibility. In view of the responsible duty he performs, his salary should be increased. He should be provided with more moderate training at home and abroad.


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