Composition : The Game of Football

The Game of Football

The game of football is very popular in our country. It is an English game. Now-a-days almost every school has a football team. 

The playground should be 120 yards long and 80 yards broad. The back and goal areas are marked with lines. On either end of the field, there are two goalposts. To mark the goal area two poles are set with a cross bar on them. Sitting arrangements are provided for the people who come to watch the match around the playground. 

The game is played between two parties. There are eleven players in each party. Each team has one goalkeeper, three half backs and four forwards. They stand face to face. The play begins at the center. The center forward of one party first kicks the ball. Then each party tries to kick the ball inside the goal of the opposite party. The party that scores larger number of goals becomes the winner. Sometimes both sides score equal number of goals. Sometimes no goal is scored by either side. It is then called a drawn game. No extra time is allowed. Then comes tiebreaker and then sudden death is considered. 

The game is generally played for ninety minutes. But there is rest for ten minutes after half the time. During the game, only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with his hands. A referee supervises the game. He is helped by two linesmen. There are also two goal judges – to help the referee. During the play, his decision cannot be challenged by the players. All the players should respect and obey him. 

It is a useful exercise. We learn to be disciplined, obedient, prompt, careful and cautious (সতর্ক) from this game.
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