Composition : The Game of Cricket

The Game of Cricket

Cricket is a popular and dignified (মর্যাদাসম্পন্ন) game played all over the world. It has come to this country from England. 

The game is played in an open round field. Two parties of eleven players in each side play it. Two sets of wickets are pitched in the ground 22 yards apart. One party fields and the other bats. Two of the fielding party stand at two sets of wickets and bowl. They are called bowlers. The batsman tries to stop the ball. He hits it off when the batsman and the other man at the opposite wicket run. One run is thus scored. When the ball strikes the wicket, the batsman is said to be out. He then leaves the field and another man takes his place. They go on in this way till all but one are out. 

The fielding party then comes to bat and batting party goes to the field. The game is finished when ten players of the party are out. There are two umpires who supervise the game and count the runs. The party which scores more runs in said to be the winner. The run scorers and the ticket holders are treated as the stars of the match. 

It is a long time played game. In a one-day match, 100 overs are played while each party gets 50 overs to be bowled. The Centurian, Half Centurian and best wicket holder are appreciated. Sixes, fours, catch, fall of wicket etc. are highlights of each match. 

The game is very interesting. It also teaches us to be obedient, patient and prompt. It makes us strong and healthy.
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