Composition : A Village Primary School

A Village Primary School

Now almost in every village in Bangladesh, there is at least one primary school. Our village has also got one. A village primary school teaches us three R’s (namely – Reading, Writing and Rithmetic). 

It is a model primary school run and funded (অর্থায়ন) by the government. But there is none to look after it. There are four teachers in this school. But they come and go at their will. So there is no discipline among students. The school is housed in a tin shed. But it has no room for holding classes. Students assemble and make a noise. The stock of furniture and tools for teaching is also very poor. 

Teachers are poorly paid. So they cannot think of the improvement of the education of students. They only think of their own lot. 

It is a matter of satisfaction that the government has made primary education free and compulsory. It is now for parents to come forward and make the best use of this facility. 

We should try our level best to give attention to our village primary school. It is the root of all education. We should provide all the modern facilities to the village primary school which will enable students to build their foundation of knowledge properly. As a village primary school plays an important role for the village dwellers and to the country as a whole, we should always treat it as a holy one. We should not forget that education is the backbone of a nation. It is only the primary school that can make the backbone strong.

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