Composition : A Village Fair

A Village Fair

A village fair is one of the attractions of the village life. Village fair is not a regular happening; it is held periodically. In a village fair, various items are displayed to the people.

A village fair is held on some particular occasion. Children eagerly look forward to the day when the fair will be held. They collect money from their parents to buy toys and fancy goods at the fair.

Special sheds are built for the purpose of the fair. Shops are set up in these sheds to display all sorts of fancy articles. Children flock to purchase them. The air resounds with the music of flutes and pipes. There are some stalls in which local sweetmeats are sold.

Children, as well as women, come here from some neighbouring villages also. Most of them come to the fair in groups and on foot. In the same way, they return home with the goods they buy.

The village fair is a kind of exhibition of home-made goods of villagers. These articles are brought to the fair and purchased by people. The village fair thus arts like a market of home-made articles.

The greatest attraction of the village fair generally lies in the popular see-saw is set up in every fair. Children have a fund of great joy in sitting on the wooden board and moving up and down.

A village fair is a source of great recreation and joy to villagers. The government may encourage holding of such fairs from time to time.

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Introduction : A village fair is an annual gathering. This is an occasion of show, sale, and entertainment. It is one of the chief attractions of the village.

Site and occasion : A village fair naturally sits on the embankment of a large old bank, or in the open field under a large old tree or in the marketplace. The date and time of such a village fair are known to the people of several villagers. They look forward to the arrival of this day with expectations.

Gathering of villagers : A village fair differs from a village market. In a market thing of daily use are bought and sold. But in a village fair fancy goods of many kinds are brought in abundance for sale. Men women and children of different ages come from distant places to attend a village fair.

Articles for sale : In a village fair temporary huts are built at intervals for display of stationery goods and fancy toys. Sweetmeat stalls and tea stall are housed in some of the huts. Somethings of household use, nice looking toys, furniture, and bamboo made buckets and many other earthy things are available in a village fair. They sell cheap though they have beautiful desires worked on them.

Special attractions : A village fair is an occasion of recreation too. Magic shows, kite flying, wrestling, circus party, is the most important features and attraction of a fair. Children enjoy merry-go-round. Students render social service on the occasion by giving service to the sick.

Conclusion : A village fair is of great use to an agricultural country like Bangladesh. Women find a large scale for the annual market for their handmade things though it is not free from defects. Gambling is an unhealthy feature of a fair. Sometimes a fair is wanting in proper sanitation. Yet the people of villages organize a village fair for a recreation. Thus it fosters in the village people with the spirit of co-operation and friendliness.

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