Composition : A Village Doctor

A Village Doctor

The village doctor is a useful and respected person in the village. He is well-known to villagers for his service. So he is respected and loved by all in the village.

Most of the village doctors have no formal and systematic education in any medical institution. He may either by a passed compounder with a little medical knowledge or may have served under a doctor as his compounder for some time. Then he begins practising medicine independently in a village.

The dispensary of the village doctor contains one or two almirahs, a table, a chair and a bench. He stocks his almirahs with cheap medicines of everyday use. He prescribes medicines for his patients and dispenses them himself.

The village doctor takes a keen interest in and a great care of his patients. He takes whatever fees villagers can afford to pay him. In fatal (মারাত্মক) cases he spends hours by the bedside of his patient. He spares no pains to cure him. In cases of serious accidents, he is of great help to villagers. Without his help, many villagers would have fallen victims to various diseases.

A village doctor has some problems. He has an imperfect knowledge of medicine. Sometimes he fails to cope with serious cases. In some cases, his patients die as a result of his wrong diagnosis. He cannot perform serious operations for lack of knowledge and instruments.

But in spite of these occasional failures, he is a great necessity. He is a friend of the poor and the helpless. So he is held in high esteem by villagers.

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A village doctor is a familiar figure to all. He is popularly loved by the villagers. He hardly has any formal education in medical science. Still, he is the saviour of the rural people in their sufferings and woe. 

A village doctor is not a qualified (কোয়ালিফাইড্-দক্ষ) one. He only undergoes a few years’ training under a skilled (দক্ষ) doctor as a compounder and gains knowledge (নলেজ্-জ্ঞান) about medicine. This is why he is called a ‘quack’ by qualified doctors and educated persons. 

A village doctor has a dispensary. It is furnished with a chair, a table and an almirah. He has not a requisite (রিকুইজিট-প্রয়োজনীয়) stock of medicine. 

A village doctor has an important position in the village. The villagers have great trust in him. 

A village doctor is well-know (সুপরিচিত) to the rural people. He sits by the patient and advises him like a friend. He does not hesitate (হেজিটেট্-ইতস্তত) to go to the houses of the patients (পেসেন্টস-রোগীদের) deep at night, if necessary. In some cases, he helps, he helps poor patients with free medicine. 

A village doctor is not a specialist. He is not always skilled. But, he is a real servant of the villagers. He knows his patients personally and is also aware that their sickness is not only medical but also social. He can, therefore, treat them like a friend and a neighbour. The village doctor is always available for consultation. 

A village doctor renders a unique service to the rural people. He also causes great harm to them. His shallow (শ্যালো-সীমিত) knowledge in medicine often results in sad end of the life of the patients. 

As the qualified doctors are few in number in our country, the Government should take proper steps to train them in medical science so that they might be of great help to the rural (রুর‌্যাল-গ্রামীণ) people of our country.


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