Composition : Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime

Cybercrime refers to the use of an electronic device for stealing someone’s data or trying to harm them using a computer. It is an illegal activity that involves a series of issues ranging from theft to using one’s system or IP address as a tool for committing a crime.

Cybercrime can be mentioned as illicit use of the internet and computers. The computers are either the target of the crimes or used as a weapon for the crime. These crimes have become a common part of our daily lives. Each and every day one or the other person is becoming the victim of cybercrime. The Internet is accessed by a number of people at the same time for various purposes, these hackers make their way out of these opportunities.

Cybercrimes are categorized into four major types. These are financial, privacy, hacking, and cyber-terrorism. Besides, there are also some other types like phishing, identity theft, malware attacks, ATM frauds, cyberstalking, spoofing, piracy, etc.

In financial crime, they steal the money of users or account holders. They also stole data from companies which can lead to financial crimes. Transactions are heavily risked because of them. Every year hackers stole lakhs and crores of rupees from businessmen and the government.

Privacy crime includes stealing one’s private data which they do not want to share with the world. Due to it, the people suffer a lot and some even commit suicide because of their data’s misuse.

In hacking, they intentionally deface a website to cause damage or loss to the public or owner. They also destroy or make changes in the existing websites to diminish its value.

Web world or cyberspace is a massive community of millions and billions of users and websites. People access it for different uses like shopping, movies, music, video games, transactions, and e-commerce.

In this age of technology and easy access to the internet, anyone can easily reach it. Because of this fast pace of growth from the previous decade, the internet has opened a world of information on which anyone can connect.

Due to this, the rate of cybercrime has increased. The rate of circulation of data has also increased much faster due to the higher speed of the internet. Cybersecurity has become a major concern for society.

Different security measures should be followed to be safe from the dreadful act of cybercrime like strong passwords should be used, use antivirus programmes to keep the system free of malware, continuously update the system, be vigilant and use the presence of mind to avoid identity thefts, make children aware of the internet, maintain privacy settings over social media and so on.

To stop the spread of cybercrime and to safeguard the interest of people, the government should make several laws related to cybercrimes. Which laws serve as protection against cybercrime. The government should also open cyber cells in police stations to counter the problem of cybercrime as fast as they can.

Cybercrime is a dangerous offence to someone’s privacy or any material. We can avoid cybercrime by following some basic logical things and using our commonsense. Cybercrime is a violation of not only law but also human rights too.

Cybercrime is spreading its arms day by day. The most appropriate way of being safe from becoming the victim of its ill effects is following security measures. There are various ways by which we can protect our confidential information from being leaked. We should always focus on awareness as prevention is better than cure, especially when the cure is not available.

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