HSC : ইংরেজি : ২য় সপ্তাহ : অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট : ২০২১

HSC : ইংরেজি : ২য় সপ্তাহ

  • Choose a short story that you enjoyed reading (either in Bangla or in English)
  • Write within 200-250 words
  • Write the summary of the story (Focus on plot, characters in 5 to 8 sentences)
  • Write what you liked an did not like about the story
  • if you are asked to bring some changes in the story, what would you change.
  • A concluding statement

নমুনা সমাধান

A short story that I have read

Choosing a short story :
I read an interesting short story written by William Somerset Maugham named 'The Luncheon.'

Summary of the story :
The story is about an admirer of the speaker. The speaker is a young writer who received a letter from a lady who highly praised his writings. The speaker also replied by inviting her for a lunch at a five-star hotel. He was not too rich but he was an upcoming writer at that time. He had 80 francs in his pocket. He thought that he could manage the lunch. He requested the lady to choose the food item from the menu book. She assured me that she doesn't eat much. The speaker ordered salmon fish though that was expensive. Later the speaker asked if she liked anything more. The lady replied that she liked caviare though it was horribly expensive. Then she enjoyed the white champagne, asparagus, coffee and finally the salmon. The speaker was sweating. He was too anxious if he could pay the bill or not. He didn't take anything except a mutton chop. Finally, he managed to pay for the lunch which was his total income of a month.

What I liked and didn't like :
I like the way the speaker narrated the whole story. He was very successful in depicting the inner beauty and sarcasm of the story. There was humour in his storytelling also. For example, at the end of the story, he mentioned that day that lady weighted ‘twenty on stone.

My change in the story :
If someone asked me to change the story. I would like to decrease the number of climaxes. I would try to increase that flat line of the climax graph. Finally, I would make the story interesting to the reader.

Concluding Statement :
Although the story some lacking but I enjoyed reading the story very much. It was one of the funniest stories I have read till date.

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