Composition : The Contribution of Parents

The Contribution of Parents

Our parents are the first teachers. They teach us how to talk and many other things which are vital for leading our lives. There are many different parents who instruct the children and handle their lives. Some parents want their child to conquer more than the effort. They try to be the best teachers for the children. They pay more attention and thus there are some conflicts between children and parents. So the child looks for the avenue to escape. It makes the child walk on the wrong road. Teachers at a school have the chance to guide many children. So, they can compare different situations and potentials of children more than parents can do. So, they are more capable of instructing and guiding them properly.

One, therefore, should not presume that parents are always the best teacher. The responsibility of child development is often á subject that is discussed and debated. While some would argue that since a child spends maximum time at school, the teachers should take responsibility for ensuring proper development of children. However, I strongly believe that it is parents who are the best teachers and they play a very important role in the manner a child is groomed. Parents are the ones who could better control the disciplinary aspects of the child. The manner in which a child manages his time, right through the day is better judged and analysed by parents. This provides them with an opportunity to ensure that the child has the right balance of all activities, be it studies, outdoor activities, indoor activities and reading.

Research has indicated that children do get addicted to one kind of activity, which is not good for the overall development of a child. For example, there are several instances where children spend more time say on computer games. This can result in the child losing out on social skills. Further, such a child might eventually um out to be a loner, with very limited ability to interact, socialise and communicate with people.

Additionally, for a good healthy living and a steady mind, children need to have a healthy and balanced diet. Parents do have better control over this aspect and can ensure that a child gets a balanced diet with the right nutrients. Research has shown proper upbringing of children by parents can lead to lower crime rates, lower health problems like obesity and higher literacy rate. Some parents will deliberately instruct children enjoy more in risky conditions and grow up to be a very perilous person. the child in some dangerous attitude or philosophy and they let the child adhere to evil things. So the children enjoy more in risky conditions and grow up to be a very perilous person.

But in our society, we can see many negligent parents. They leave their children in another nouse and sometimes the children play on the road and hurt themselves and become the victims of accidents. Some concerned people have to return the child to his home back. Parents are not teaching and showing the preventive measures and dangerous situations to the children. But some parents can become better teachers for the child and thus prevented tragic consequences. To conclude, there might be some people who argue that schools are the places where teaching happens, but this is not always the case. Nevertheless, the role of parents is even more critical in ensuring that children imbibe the right values, morals and ethics. This will go a long way in benefiting not just the individual but also the society.

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