Paragraph : Parents and Children

Parents and Children

Parents and children constitute a family. They are connected with one another by blood, love, and affection. The children cannot live through the days of infancy without the loving care of their parents. It is the parents who bring them up, nourish them, nurse them in sickness, take care of their health, give them proper education and help them to get settled in life. In fact, the parents are the best friends, philosophers, preceptors, and protectors of their children. Thus the children owe a great duty to the parents. It is a sacred duty of the children to obey the orders of the parents and abide by their instructions. Disobedience to parents is a sin. All regions emphasize obedience to parents as a bounder duty. The children should take proper care of their parents in their old age. Obedience to and looking after the parents bring success in the life of the children, raise then high in the estimation of the society and entitle them to go to heaven after death.

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