Paragraph : Punctuality


Punctuality is the habit of doing things at the right time. The person, who always does his duty in time, is a punctual man. A punctual man always gets up early in the morning. He takes his breakfast in time. He also does his every work in due time. He is never late in rising from bed and in attending to his duties. Punctuality is a habit. But it is not easy to be punctual. It is very easy to waste time. It is easier to say that we shall do it tomorrow. If we do not perform our duties on time, we have to repent subsequently. So, to get rid of this awful situation, we have to give up the bad habit. We must try to learn the habit of observing punctuality from the very beginning of our lives. A punctual man always does his duties in time. A punctual student learns his lessons in time. Punctuality is of utmost importance in professional life. If a doctor becomes irregular, the patient may die. Similarly, if a teacher is irregular, the students learn nothing from him. An irregular man is an enemy to himself. He is a nuisance to everyone. Even he loses his friends. An irregular man can do nothing in his life. The habit of punctuality requires long and careful training and so this habit should be cultivated quite early in life.


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