Paragraph : Our Cultural Heritage is Getting Lost

Our Cultural Heritage is Getting Lost

Our rich cultural heritage is now being crowded. We are gradually on the verge of losing the good things that formed a part of our rich cultural heritage. Culture reflects the way of living, eating, talking and learning. The traditional dress of Bangladesh is saree for women and Punjabi-pyjama for men. But it is sad to note that people nowadays are greatly influenced by the western ideas of fashion. There are many young boys who follow the dress worn by foreign film stars; the latest craze is the many-pocketed trousers. Wherever we cast our eyes we see young women clad in shalwar-kameez, trousers or skirts. They want to stay miles away from sarees. Our cultural heritage is rich in traditional folk songs, the major songs of our soil our Bhawaiyas, Bhatialis, Zari, Sari, and various folk songs. We also have Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti and modern Bangla songs. Bangladesh has also various types of musical instruments, but the young generation does not like these music and musical instruments. They love to listen to western music. They do not know their own singers but they know the western musicians. For these reasons our music becomes extinct. Our culture is worth everything is our life. But with the passage of time we are gradually losing the good things that we have, we are copying the western culture. So we should take proper steps to revive the traditional cultural values of our country.
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