Paragraph : Our Cultural Heritage

Our Cultural Heritage

Our cultural heritage is worth everything in our life. Culture reflects the ways of living, eating, talking and learning. It has a broad and wide meaning. It consists of music, literature, drama, and other aspects of fine arts. The true picture of a country is projected in its culture. In the creation and propagation of culture, patronization plays a vital role. Bangladesh has a rich people are interdependent. We have a rich heritage of music. We have different types of songs. These are classical music, various folk songs, spiritual songs, Tagore song, Nazrul song, Ramprasadi songs, Hasan Raza song, Atul Prasadi song and above all modern song. Classical music and folk songs are practiced since ancient times. There is no specific history of the invention of classical music. In those days music used to be practiced within limited social precincts. Our music has a rich background. In the ancient period, music was only used as the eulogy of the gods and goddesses. The Muslims gave it a new form. It took a new with the touch of the great civilization and culture of the Muslims. Before the Middle Ages, a type of song ‘Geet’ was very popular. A new type of classical music was introduced in the eighteenth century. ‘Punthi’ was based on opera and was lyrical in nature. The background of folk songs is the rural setting of life, nature, human joys, and sorrows. Bhayaiya, Bhatiali, Baul, Gambhira, Marfati are a few of the infinite varieties of folk songs. The new era in music was created by Amir Khasru, the great musician. With the union of Persian and indigenous music, he created a new type of music. At present, our cultural heritage is being further enriched and is fusing many characteristics of western culture.
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