Essay : Obedience To Parents

Obedience To Parents

Introduction : The couple who gives one’s birth to this earth is called one’s parents. Our father and mother are collectively called our parents. It is our sacred duty to be obedient to them. Obedience to parents means to be abided by (মেনে চলা) their guidance and instructions and to show accurate respect to them.

Position/Status of parents : Raskin, the great western philosopher/scholar said that there are three duties of a man on this earth namely duty towards God, duty towards parents and duty towards mankind. Parents are given the superior position everywhere in the world and they are also superior to heaven. Their position is very high to offsprings (সন্তান-সন্ততি). A gentleman always looks after his parents with a great respect.

Parents in the eye of religion : All the religions of the earth suggest us to pay honor to our parents. It is said in the religion of Islam that heaven lies at the foot of the mother. Parents stand just next to our creator, Allah. Allah says that if someone wants to serve to someone except Him, he is ordered to serve to his parents first. The religion of Hindu says paradise is achievable only after the satisfaction of father. Mother is superior to heaven. It is said in the religion of Buddha that serving to parents is the greatest work for one’s betterment. All other religions have also given importance to parents.

Parents’ love for us : Parents love their offsprings more than their lives. They don’t hesitate (দ্বিধা করা) to give up (পরিত্যাগ করা) their happiness for us. Mother bears her child in her womb (গর্ভ) till (পর্যন্ত) its birth on the earth. After the birth, the infant is brought up by its parents. They take proper care of us and try their level best to meet our demands. They share all of our happiness, sorrows, feelings. Their worries know no bounds in case of our sufferings.

Our responsibilities/duties to them : We can never repay but at best recognize our debts (ঋণসমূহ) to our parents. We should build up ourselves as per their wish so that we may please them. We should not hurt them at any cost. We should be highly sincere to them and should take all possible (প্রচেষ্টা) efforts to make them smile with peace and happiness. At their old days, we should take proper care of them as they did in our infancy. We should pray to Allah to be always merciful to them and nurse them in their illness. We should look at their ease and comfort.

Conclusion : None is closer to us than our parents on this earth. The utterance of the word ‘mother’ or ‘father’ gives us extreme pleasure. We can never forget them. All of us should be obedient to our parents.

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