Paragraph : Blood Donation

Blood Donation

Blood donation is a humanitarian act. It is a noble gift. Normally people make gifts of money, food or any other kind of material object. They are known as kind and generous people. People donate the blood of their body to save human lives. There are some persons who need to change the total blood of their bodies at regular intervals. Blood is also necessary to be transfused in the body of the patients who undergo serious operations. Patients also need blood to make good the loss on account of accidents. Sandhani, an organization of the medical students has come forward with the noble motto of collecting blood and giving them to serious patients. Some voluntary organizations are motivating people to donate blood. It does not cause any harm to the donor but saves others’ lives. The loss is automatically compensated in about a month. Some poor people are also found to sell blood. Utmost care should be taken to select the blood of the same group. The blood must be free from HIV or any other kind of harmful germs. There are blood banks in big hospitals. The able-bodied persons should donate blood to help the suffering humanity.

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