Paragraph : Benefits of Education

Benefits of Education

The benefits of education cannot be overstated. It goes a long way to improve one’s body, mind, and soul by awakening and developing one’s latent faculties. An educated man knows how to abide by the rules of hygiene and sanitation. It enables one to acquire knowledge and skill. It also helps a person to understand the problems of life and earn a living. Besides, education can bring spiritual enlightenment and ennoble the soul. Educated people can enormously bring spiritual enlightenment and ennoble the soul. Educated people can enormously contribute to raise the standard of living and elevate the value system of a nation. Thus an educated person is an asset to his family, to the nation and to the world at large. An uneducated man is but a liability to all concerned. In fact, education brings about all-round development of all human beings. Education is, therefore, essential for every man and woman.

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Education is the backbone of a nation and is one of the most important key factors of a country's growth and development. No nation can prosper without educated people. Through formal learning in an institution like a school, college, or university, we can develop our minds. The mental and intellectual training that education provides helps us to meet challenges and overcome obstacles to progress. Again, the purpose of education is to enlighten the individual and develop one's capacity to the limit. It is also the business of education to train individuals to make the right choices in life. It ennobles our minds and refines our sensibility. It also broadens our outlook and helps us become aware of our rights and responsibilities. Education is one of the basic needs of a human being and essential for any kind of development. The poor socio-economic condition of a country can largely be attributed to majority of its citizens' inaccessibility to education. Many illiterate people do not have any knowledge of health, sanitation and population control. If they were educated, they could live a healthy and planned life. Education teaches us how to earn well and how to spend well. It enables us to perform our duties properly. Education helps to develop a rational attitude in us. It provides us with an enlightened awareness about things and this awareness helps us encourage social development.
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