Paragraph : A Nurse

A Nurse

Man has three duties –duty to God, duty to parents and duty to mankind. A nurse is such a person who dedicates her whole life to the service of the people who are ill, injured and wounded. The field she renders her dedicated service is called nursing. The job of a nurse is very novel. It enables a person to serve the suffering humanity. The job of a nurse is very tiring. She is always busy. She looks after the patients, pushes them injection when necessary. A doctor only prescribes medicines but it is a nurse who helps the patients in taking medicines. A nurse is very vigilant. She renders her heartfelt service to mitigate the agonies and sufferings of the patients admitted to hospitals and clinics. She shares the sorrow and sufferings of the patients. The importance of a nurse beggars description. Hospitals and clinics cannot go even a single a day without a nurse.

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The profession of nurse is a great service to humanity. She is the backbone of any hospital. Without her, no hospital runs properly. She wears a uniform. She also uses white gown. Her duty is to take care of a patient. Her job is very tough. She is trained for her work. She has to work for others. She is kind and loving. She is always smiling and cheerful. Generally, she is called 'sister'. She assists a doctor in many ways. She works according to doctor's instruction. She greets patients with a smile. She is taking complete care of patient including note down the temperature, dressing, medicines or injections, checks the pulses. She has to be very attentive about the food of the patients. She also informs the doctor about the condition of a patient. She also helps a doctor at a time of operation. No doctor can do his work efficiently without a nurse. Really, a nurse is a very important person.

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