Paragraph : Abuse of Drugs

Abuse of Drugs

Drug abuse means when one uses legal or illegal substances in ways that one shouldn't. It actually means improper medication in this context. One may take more than the regular dose of pills or use someone else's prescription. He/she may do it to feel good, ease stress, or avoid reality. Such abuse of drugs has harmful impact on human life. There are many factors behind this misuse of medication. Students use some drugs as stimulants for study and other institutional activities. Some others do it just for recreational purposes. The most frequently misused medications are: painkillers, drugs used for removing anxiety and sleep disorders, and stimulants. Misusing a prescription drug can have dangerous consequences. If someone takes someone else's medication a doctor isn't able to examine him/her. It is possible that a drug that works for one, can trigger an adverse reaction in his/her friend. Again, combining stimulants with readily available drugs can cause critically high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat. Also, mixing certain drugs with alcohol can produce life-threatening complications. Some painkillers can cause choking, changes in mood, infertility and slow breathing. Severe slowdown in breathing can cause coma or even death. Sedative drugs can cause memory problems. Some stimulants can trigger paranoia. Sometimes a person can be addicted to some medicines for overuse. Then the person cannot discontinue taking those drugs, because discontinuing can result in physical symptoms like nausea, shaking, sweating, nervousness, consequences. Also, there is a risk for car accidents or injuries since one's thinking is impaired. A student has poor academic performance. Drug abusers also face legal problems like fines, imprisonment or suspension, from organizations. Mass consciousness must be created against such misuse of drugs. Drug selling without prescription deserves punishment. Every medicine has side effects, which the doctors take into account when prescribing. People who abuse these drugs, do not understand the risks. So, in order to resist such drug abuse, a social movement is now the demand of time.

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