Paragraph : Travelling as a Part of Education

Travelling as a Part of Education

"Travelling" means going from one place to another places. It plays an important role in our education. Our education remains incomplete without travelling. Travelling gives us first-hand knowledge, which books cannot provide. A traveller learns the lesson of self-dependence and self-confidence. Educational tour increases our knowledge, and new ideas grow up in us. Reading books only provides man with half knowledge. But travelling with open eyes and mind gives him full knowledge. Travelling removes one's superstitions and narrowness about other people. It negates all regionalism and radical patriotism and makes one true lover of mankind. Many schools and colleges arrange visits to geographically or historically important places. Visiting historical places gives students a practical insight into past events. After such a visit, they are able to fully understand the subject of those places or events that they have read in books. It is also difficult to understand the nature of various types of soils, forests, etc simply by reading textbooks. Travelling to geographically important places helps a student to grasp the depth of the subject of geography. Travelling also serves as a true test for one's strength of character. Our display of fellow-feeling. courage, generosity and goodness toward unfamiliar people will prove our strong character. Great travellers like Ibn Batuta, Marco Polo and Saadi Shirazi acquired knowledge above common men through travels and became great discoverers. poets and experienced men of the world. The importance of travelling has been realized in every land and through all ages. So, our educational institutions should give it due importance for the sake of true education.
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