Paragraph : Satellite Channels are a Threat to Our Own Culture

Satellite Channels are a Threat to Our Own Culture

Every nation has its own culture and of course, we have a very rich culture. But it is a shocking fact that our culture is now under a great threat because of satellite channels, Satellite TV channels started their journey in Bangladesh at 1992. Before that BTV was the dominant medium for about 28 years and had the monopoly power. Undoubtedly, satellite channels. are a great source of our enjoyment but our young generation is too much affected and influenced by those channels. Forgetting our own culture we are gradually becoming more prone to western culture. So, I think, satellite channels are now turning into a threat rather than merely a source of enjoyment. In the present context of the world, culture of a country is not confined to a territorial barrier. For satellite channels, one country's people are getting used to another's culture very easily. But this adaptation of other cultures forgetting their own might be a disastrous factor for them because culture means the origin of a nation, of a country. We, the Bangladeshis, have a rich culture. Historically our culture is indispensable in our everyday life. But it is a matter of sorrow that we are gradually losing our norms and customs. It is really a shameful matter. And this is because of the effect of foreign satellite channels. Our young generation enjoys foreign programs with great attraction ignoring our own cultural programs. Besides they are getting used to the foreign lifestyle also which is actually fake to our social norms and values. Adopting another culture is not bad if we can value our own culture. But if we fail to preserve our own culture, it would bring an utter destruction to our social and economic life. So, satellite channels are a great threat to our own cultural values.
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