Paragraph : Leakage of Question Paper and Its Impact on Student's Life

Leakage of Question Paper and Its Impact on Student's Life

The leaking out of question paper is not new in our country but in recent times it has become a regular phenomenon. It is happening in every public examination. A group of people manage to leak question papers prior to examinations using political and economic connections and earn a huge sum of money. It has a very dangerous effect upon our children and above all the future of the country. Leaking of question papers is an unethical practice. But this practice is spreading day by day in our society. Students are seen reluctant to study as they know that they will get question paper before the examination and they just wait for it. The situation is worsening day by day but no effective measures have yet been taken to stop this vicious crime. The effect of leaking question papers before the examination is very dangerous for our students. As they know it well that they will somehow manage to get questions before the exams they simply do not read. But getting the question paper they manage good grades. On the other hand, there are some students who do not take the way of this unfair means. So, when they see that their mates who got the leaked examination papers and got good grades. they became frustrated. Moreover, the students who pass the examinations by reading the leaked question papers, get good grades and one day they take the important position in the different sectors of the nation. Thus there create a kind of uncertainty for the future of the nations. There's no need to say how concerning issue it is for our nation. The nation's future depends largely on this issue. So the government cannot late anyhow to stop the leaking of question paper prior to exams. The culprits must be found out and brought to book immediately.
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