Paragraph : Buying Books

Buying Books

Buying books is one of the best habits of human being. A book is a storehouse of knowledge. We can travel to many unseen places and know many unknown things through reading books. It relieves us from the monotony of daily life. But in our country, buying books has not become a popular habit. The students of our country read-only textbooks for passing exams. Most of them do not have a curiosity to get outside knowledge. Besides this, in our country, the prices of books are excessively high. Books are beyond reach due to sky-scraping price. In the past, books were the only media for entertainment. People spent their leisure reading books. But now, the satellite TV channel has created many opportunities for entertainment. People are not so interested to read books. For this interest in buying books is gradually buying out. To build up the good habit of buying books, prices of books should be reduced. Children should be encouraged to build up the habit of reading books. Everybody should cultivate the habit of buying books from a very early age.


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