Composition : The Wonders of Modern Science

The Wonders of Modern Science

↬ Science in Our Everyday Life

↬ The Blessings of Modern Science

↬ Modern Technology and Globalization

Today we live in the age of science. Modern civilization owes everything to science in all spheres of human life. There is no any sector where the contribution of science is absent.

Thanks to science man is now the proud lord of three worlds of land, air and water. The inventions of telegraph, wireless, cinema, television etc. have made life comfortable and easy. Whatever science is doing is only to do betterment of the inhabitants of the world having a little failure in some life saving cases.

Science has conquered time and space. With the help of a special kind of rocket man has landed on the moon. He is now cherishing a desire to reach Mars and other planets. Scientific discoveries and inventions have enabled men to conquer floods, drought (খরা), famine and epidemics (মড়ক). Printing press has made books, magazines and daily newspapers cheap and available. All these spread knowledge among the people.

It is science which has made possible X-ray, ultraviolet ray, radium therapy and penicillin treatment. The science of medicine removes human misery and suffering. It has lengthened human life. So science can boast of brilliant victories over diseases.

The big machines of today can do the work of thousands of men within a short time. Thus we enjoy the manifold blessings of science from the cradle to the grave (জন্ম হতে মৃত্যু পর্যন্ত).

But science is not an unmixed blessing. It has given us many dreadful weapons like the atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb. These engines of destruction may ruin mankind in the long run. But it would be wrong to hold science responsible for this. The fault lies with man.

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We live in an age of science. We can see the wonders of science around us. Science has made our life easy and comfortable. We cannot think of our modern life without science.

The first wonder of modern science is the discovery of electricity (বিদ্যুতের আবিষ্কার). It has changed our life, society and culture. It is a great source of power and energy. The radio, television, lights, fans, electric irons, mills, factories and refrigerators – all work through the power of electricity.

Science has linked up the distant parts of the world. Telephone, telex, fax, wireless, telegram are great wonders. They have brought the world closer to us. We can send news from one corner of the world to other within a moment. They have conquered space, distance and time. Radio and television are also great media for communication.

Science has lessened (প্রশমিত করেছে) human sufferings (মানুষের ভোগান্তি). It has given eyes to the blind, hearing to the deaf, legs to the lame. It has found out the new ways of health and life. It has increased the joys of life. Penicillin, X-Ray, biopsy and ultrasonography, ECG are some of the wonders of modern science in the field of medical science. Hospitals, private clinics and doctors cannot go even a single day without these.

Science has removed the distance of place. It has saved time. We can travel hundreds of miles within a short time by cars, aeroplans, buses, trains, launches and steamers. The invention of nuclear energy, computer, mobile phone and calculators are great wonders of modern science.

The rocket is another wonder of science. It has made space travel easy. Man has landed on the moon (চাঁদে অবতরণ করেছে) successfully. Science is the greatest of all conquerors both past and present. It knows no defeat. It has established itself firmly in our hearts.

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