Composition : Use and Abuses of Science

Use and Abuses of Science

↬ Uses and Abuses of the Wonders of Science

Modern science has achieved tremendous achievement during the last few decades. Actually, modern civilization is the gift of modern science. Science has invented many wonders. Day and night, we make use of innumerable inventions of science. But the invention of modern science has not only uses but also abuses. 

The invention of electricity is of great use to us. Now, we can light electric lamps, run fans, televisions, pumps, refrigerators, washing machine, telephone, fax, computer, cinema, etc. very easily. Besides, almost all mills and factories are run by electricity. There are also electric trains, printing presses, cookers, irons, sewing machines, etc. run by electricity. 

The inventions of science have helped to conquer space and time. We can now go from one place to another in a very short time. We can now send messages to a great distance in a second. We can talk to anybody in any part of the world at any time by phone. 

In the field of amusement, the invention of science has brought a revolutionary change. Radio broadcasts songs, music, news, discussion, etc. Nowadays, television telecasts all programmes in digital colour. By fax, any writing or picture can be sent to a great distance very shortly. Internet is yet another wonderful invention of modern science. 

Spinning of yarn, weaving of cloth and sewing of clothes can be done at great speed by using the invention of science. Food-processing, house-building, constructing roads and bridges can be done very quickly. Millions of pages can be printed or reproduced in a short time. A calculator can solve any difficult mathematical problem in no time. 

The invention of science is of great use in the field of medical science that it has discovered the causes of most of the diseases and their remedies. A deadly disease like TB and cancer has been conquered. Cholera has also been brought under control. Smallpox has been eliminated. The X-ray and other diagnostic instruments are also mentionable. 

Science has increased food production greatly. If we can apply the scientific methods properly, there will be no hunger in the world. Tractors, power-pumps, fertilizers, high-yielding varieties of crops and irrigation techniques have revolutionized agriculture. 

But the invention of science is not an unmixed blessing. Science has also invented guns, bombs, atom-bombs and missiles, battleship and fighter plans, chemical and biological weapons and the most destructive nuclear weapons. By abusing these, a powerful country is attaching another weak county to capture its freedom and gain its wealth. 

There are many areas of our everyday life where we depend on science. Though the inventions of science have some abuses, it's blessing to us is very remarkable and undeniable. 

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Science means knowledge gained through experiments and research. Science does many things for the development of human civilization. The modern age is a gift of science. Science has really a kind of magic in it. It can do anything.

Our agricultural and industrial development is fully dependent on modern science. We now cultivate our land with power tillers. The production of crops is increasing day by day with the help of chemical fertilizers and insecticides. Science also helps us in inventing new hybrid seeds. In industrial areas, science is the only contributor. All the industries run with the knowledge and help of science. From the needles to rockets, everything produced in industry is the contribution of science.

We see the influence of science at every step of our life. It has changed the mode of life. It has created many things for our comfort. Science today has taken possession of the world. The pen we write with, the shirt we put on, the bicycle we ride - all are the products of science. Electricity has worked wonders. With the touch of switch, we get our lights dazzling, fans whirling and radios and televisions singing and talking. The gifts of science are always seen everywhere.

Telephones, mobile phones, fax, telegram, etc are great wonders of science. We can instantly communicate with people or persons through them. Radio and television are also great media for communication and recreation Cinema, tape recorder, CD and VCD players, Satellite TV, etc are some remarkable gifts of science for our recreation.

Science has done a lot in diagnosing and treating patients. X-ray, CT scan, Ultrasonography, ECG, Biopsy, various life-saving antibiotics, etc are the wonderful gifts of science. Modern medical science has given eyes to the blind, hearing to the deaf, legs to the lame and what not.

It has made the world smaller and faster. Buses, trains, aeroplanes, etc can take us from one place to another within a short time.

Computer and internet are the greatest wonders of modern science. They are doing various difficult tasks for us within a very short time. Sometimes, science becomes a curse. Science is for the benefit of mankind but out of selfish motives, man misuses science and brings untold sufferings. Some scientists have invented some dreadful weapons. Tanks, our desired missiles, torpedoes, atom and hydrogen bombs can easily destroy the world in a moment.

The invention of science is to do good to human beings. Science brings happiness and prosperity. But if it is misused, it may bring destruction.

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