Composition : True Democracy and Proper Education

True Democracy and Proper Education

True democracy and proper education are two inter-related ideas in modern civilization. True democracy means good rule of the people. It suggests the government of the people, by the people, for the people. In a truly democratic country, people are the source of all power. They can elect their representatives and send them to the parliament to work for the state. They have also the right to dethrone their chosen representatives if they find fault with them. On the other hand, proper education refers to the complete development of body, mind and soul together. Proper education helps us to achieve spiritual development. By achieving proper education, we can establish true democracy. Hence, the importance of proper education is very great to us in our pragmatic life. 

Great philosopher, Aristotle says democracy is the government of the ignorant. And ignorance is similar to darkness. Darkness leads one to the path of downfall. But in a true democracy there will not be any ignorant ruler if proper education is achieved. In a democracy ‘might is right’ is prevalent. As a result, the weak are oppressed and the strong are victorious. But in a true democracy, those who are right and virtuous can be benefited for the spreading of proper education. 

Currently, in democracy, nepotism (স্বজনপ্রীতি) and favouritism is prioritised. And loose administration is found everywhere. It’s hindered all national development. But true democracy does not support nepotism and favouritism as proper education is emphasized. 

In a democratic country like ours, there is feasibility of holding frequent election. Then huge amount of money is wasted. As a result, the country lags behind. But true democracy does not support this absurd (অদ্ভুত) tendency as proper education refines people’s sense and sensibility. 

In reality, true democracy cannot be established without proper education. Because of the fact that proper education helps us to distinguish between right and wrong. It broadens our mind and mentality. It also widens our outlook and orientation. So, all of us should receive proper education to meterialise the aims and objectives of true democracy.
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