Composition : The Importance of Female Education

The Importance of Female Education

Education is the birthright of a man. It makes a harmonious development of one’s mental faculties. So, facilities for education should be held open to everybody. In this respect, no discrimination should be made between men and women. In fact, education must be universal. 

Some people are opposed to female education. They opine that women are intellectually inferior to men. So, they are mainly meant for the hearth and home. They should deal with kitchen. They should perform the household duties, bring up the children and yield comforts to their male partners. Obviously, they are wrong. 

Women have some special tasks to perform inside the house. But these special tasks cannot be properly done by an uneducated woman. An educated husband cannot put up with an uneducated partner. It is impossible for an uneducated mother to bring up her children in an appropriate manner. We can expect women to acquit themselves well even in their special tasks’ only when they are given proper education. 

Women are equal to men in all respects except in physical strength. Many women are now competing with their male counterparts in job fields. Women also have their social responsibilities. Half of the people of our country are women. No development can be brought about in our society without participation of the half of its members. Besides, development work cannot be carried out successfully with uneducated women. Thus, our women should be educated at the earliest. 

It is a good sign that there is a general awakening among women. The recent statistics show that the primary enrolement of female students in Bangladesh is greater than male students. Our government is making all-out efforts for female education in our country. We should remember the saying of Nepolean that,
“An educated mother is necessary for making an educated nation.”
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