Composition : My Experience About A Journey By Plane

My Experience About A Journey By Plane

Once I got a chance to make a journey by plane. My elder brother who was an officer in the Bangladesh High Commission in Delhi, invited me to spend my Ramzan vacation with him.

Our school closed on April 24 and 1 booked a ticket for air journey to Delhi the next day. At 9 a.m. I went to Shahjalal International Airport. I had with me the necessary belongings in a leather bag. The customs formalities being over, I waited in the waiting room. I was a bit nervous about it was my first plane journey.

Soon the time for departure was announced. We boarded the plane. I got a seat by a window. After a few minutes, the plane took to the runway. With a sudden jerk, it left the ground and rose high up into the air. I looked below and saw that the land below looked like a vast green carpet. Roads and rivers looked like ropes and ribbons. The air hostess gave us breakfast. At noon we were close to Delhi.

The plane gradually landed on the runway. It ran for a minute or two and then stopped. I came out of the plane and saw my brother waiting. He took me to his residence by his car.

The joy that I had during the journey is of great value to me. Even now I remember it and feel the thrill of an adventure. Though a journey by plan is an expensive one, it provides us with some rare experience in our life. It widens our faculty so that we do something more in our life. It also makes a man smart and well-to-do in any new but odd situation.

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