Composition : My Experience About A Journey By Launch

My Experience About A Journey By Launch

Bangladesh is a riverine country. It is crisscrossed by many rivers, big and small. Most of its rivers are navigable throughout the whole year. So rivers are the main highways of its communication and conveyance. So a journey by launch is both cheap and pleasant.

My maternal uncle who lives in Chandpur, invited us to attend the wedding ceremony of our cousin Nazma. As Chandpur is a river port, father decided to go there by launch. Accordingly, he hired a cabin in advance.

On the fixed day we reached Sadarghat at 4 p.m. and took our seats in the cabin. The launch started at 4:30 p.m. The weather was fine. There was a fair breeze. There were ghats where women were washing utensils and clothes. Some women were taking water with their earthen jars in their arms and children were bathing. Cowboys were singing songs sitting under trees and their cows were grazing in the field.

The sun was about to set. My heart was filled with joy to witness the setting sun. The beauty of the golden sunset on the calm water of the river made a pleasant sight.

Soon the launch reached Chandpur and we got down. My maternal uncle was present at launch ghat. He welcomed us and took us to his house.

A journey by launch is a very lovely one. It refreshes us from the cares and anxieties of our everyday life. It also gives us the touch of lifestyle of the people who reside on the bank of the rivers. This very journey also widens our mental faculty or imagination.

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