Composition : My Experience About A Journey By Boat

My Experience About A Journey By Boat

Journey by boat is always an interesting and enjoyable experience. During the last rainy season, I had the occasion to make such a journey. As our examination was over, we decided to go out of the district town by boat.

We hired a boat with two boatmen. The boat was not a very big one. There were two rowers and a boatman. We were five in number. The distance we had to cover was about ten k.m.

We started our journey at about 3 p.m. Our boat passed through a small stream and at least entered the river Surma. The current of the water and the wind were both favourable. So the boatman hoisted the sail. We found boys here and there enjoying themselves by swimming in the river. Now golden rays of the setting sun fell on the water of the river and created a scene worth-enjoying. After about half an hour of the sunset, the shades of evening began to spread over the earth. Soon the moon appeared in the eastern sky with all her glory. Under the influence of the silvery rays of the moon, everything around us looked simply charming. After an hour we reached our destination. We got down from the boat in a very happy mood.

The journey by boat has a magical power to make us refreshed. It also makes us thoughtful to write poems on stories. Many great poets like Rabindra Nath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam wrote many poems while they were on the journey by boat. The journey also takes us nearer to nature.

I really enjoyed the journey very much.

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