Composition : My Experience About A Journey By Bus

My Experience About A Journey By Bus

A journey by a reserved bus is very pleasant. Last year I got an opportunity to enjoy a journey by bus.

Lutfur is my bosom friend. Last year he invited me to attend the wedding ceremony of his elder brother. I purchased a suitable present for the bride and went to his house on time. The bride’s house was in Mymensingh town. The bridal party would go there by bus.

Two buses were reserved for the purpose. They were beautifully decorated with flowers and festoons. Lutfur and I went on the first bus with the bridegroom. The second bus contained mostly children and band party.

The buses started at 10 a.m. Soon the buses left the city behind. Now there were cornfields, orchards, clumps of bamboos and plantain trees on both sides. Here and there were cottages of farmers. Cows and goats were grazing in the open field. I was charmed to see the natural beauty of the sights. After a time the buses ran through a forest. There were tall gazari trees on both sides. Squirrels (কাঠবিড়ালী) were running on some trees. They looked very beautiful. The forest soon ended and the buses entered the locality again.

It was noon. The sun was overhead. We saw farmers working. At 1 p.m. our buses entered the Mymensingh town and within ten minutes we reached the bride’s house. We were warmly welcomed there as mostly expected guests.

The Journey by bus was a very delightful experience for me. It will remain ever fresh in my memory. I am proud of having such a lovely and recreative journey in my life.

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