Composition : My Experience About A Journey By Train

My Experience About A Journey By Train

For a long time, I had been cherishing a hope to visit Chattogram, the port city and business capital of Bangladesh. The opportunity came when last summer I got an invitation from my elder brother, then posted to Chattogram, to visit his place. I at once accepted the invitation.

On the appointed day I went to the Kamalapur Railway Station with a small leather case. I bought my ticket and took the Chattogram Mail. I got into a third-class compartment which was almost full. But fortunately, I got a seat by the window. Soon the station bell rang and the guard’s whistle blew. The train began to move slowly out of the station with a sharp whistle.

I was immense relied on that the train had started. I began to breathe pure air. I looked around and found all the seats filled up with passengers.

As the train took on speed, everything seemed to move in the opposite direction. A cool breeze was refreshing the passengers. The silence of the night was broken by the noise of the running train.

I do not exactly remember when I fell asleep. The sun was rising when I woke up. I had my morning tea and breakfast at a station.

A journey by train has a wonderful capacity to make us merry. The sound of the rail is very nice. It makes us engaged in thinking about our near and dear ones. It also widens our imaginative power. It also takes us near to the natural beauties.

At least I reached Chattogram and found my brother waiting on the platform to receive me.

Same composition collected from another book

A journey by train is really pleasing and interesting if we travel a long path within a short time. It is also full of joys and charms.

Karim, one of my dearest friends, lived in Rajshahi. He asked me to join the marriage ceremony of his elder sister. So, I decided to join the ceremony travelling by train.

The day was 25 February 2020. On that, I had to go to Rajshahi to attend the marriage ceremony. On the fixed date, I arrived at Kamalapur Railway Station at about 8:30am for the ‘Padma Express’. I bought a ticket. I got into a compartment and occupied a seat by the window.

In the compartment, I saw some passengers gossiping. Some were reading books or newspapers. Some were looking outside. Two hawker entered the compartment and began to shout ‘Pan biri’, ‘Pan biri’, ‘badam’.

The guard blew the whistle and waved the green flag. Then, the train started running. Soon the train began running in full speed. The trees and houses on both sides seemed to be running backwards. I saw the men working in their corn-fields. Some cows were grazing here and there.

As it was a intercity train, it halted at the important stations only. Some passengers got down and some got in. The ticket-checker checked the tickets of the passengers.

Thus, passing varied and pleasant sceneries, the train arrived at Rajshahi station at about 4:00pm. I got down and left the station. Soon I reached the residence of my friend with rickshaw.

The journey was really amusing and enjoyable to me. It still gives me some pleasant feeling. Now doubt, it was one of the great travels that I ever had in my life. I feel really proud about the journey.

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