Paragraph : Social Impact of Mobile Phone

Social Impact of Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is one of the wonders of modern science. It is an important medium of communication. Through it we can communicate with people at home and abroad both easily and comfortably. It is popular and getting more popular day by day. As mobile phone is portable and can be carried to anywhere with the user, mobile phone is more convenient than telephone. Since a mobile phone can be used anywhere, people of all walks of life in society use it. Mainly businessmen, service holders, doctors and other professionals use it intensively. We can keep constant contact with the person of our interest through mobile phone. It is playing an immense role in our communication system. Some mobile phones have internet access and it helps us tremendously. All of us can’t possess mobile phone because of its high price and expensive call rate. But mobile phone has some disadvantages also. People are becoming self-certred and isolated from their families. Extra marriage affairs are increasing in society because of many facilities provided by mobile phones. The criminals can easily commit crimes and maintain their secrecy through a mobile phone. Besides our young people are also getting addicted to it. They are often seen talking late night to their girl friends or boy friends ignoring their study. Finally although mobile phone has some disadvantages, it has become a part and parcel of our every day life and we cannot do a single day without it.

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