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Mobile Phone

↬ Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone

The mobile phone is one of the latest editions of modern communication technology. It is handy and portable as the term ‘mobile’ signifies. It is a small telephone that can be carried in a hand or pocket. The effective speaking range of man is only a few yards. But with the help of a mobile phone, he has increased the range to hundreds of miles. Is it not a miracle that a man walking along a street or riding on a vehicle can speak to his friends or relatives hundreds of miles away? Is it not useful for a man while shopping in the market to pass or valuable information to people at home or at the distant place? A man travelling a distant part of the land is talking to his friends or relatives at home. And all these are done at a nominal cost! A mobile phone is very useful for important persons such as politicians, artists, doctors, businessmen, and high officials. But like all other gifts of science, it is not an unmixed blessing. The mobile phone is a useful instrument and it can be used by both good and bad people. The police can use it in committing crimes. The mobile phone is, however, an indispensable annexation to the modern lifestyle.

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Mobile phone is an important medium of communication and correspondence which helps inter-communication with the people in the shortest possible time. The use of mobile phone is more convenient telephone call. The man who sends the message will have to pay the bill but the receiver can respond to the message without any payment. Specially, businessmen and the service holders are much benefited through the use of mobile phone. It is useful for the doctors, businessmen and high officials. But it is also useful for the people who is shopping and supplying in valuable information in his house. Sometimes, the criminals are using it to maintain their secrecy. By using the mobile phone, the terrorists and criminals carry out their evil designs and commit crimes without much difficulty. In spite of this, there is not better alternative to mobile phone to make the latest civilization for communication and correspondence.

Same composition collected from another book

Nowadays, mobile phone has become a basic need for us. It has brought a revolution communication system. It has completely changed the life of human beings. Mobiles have become widespread all over the world. But this great invention of science has both uses and abuses which, in fact, depending on the user. There are varieties of advantages of mobile phones. The most important is that it is easily portable and can be placed in pocket. People use it to make calls and send messages instantly and within a few seconds to those who are far away from them. A smart-phone user can easily access to internet using his/her mobile phone. He/ She can listen to music, watch video and live streaming, play games and many more things. He/ She can even to some official asks using mobile phone. In fact, a user can keep the whole world in his pocket using a mobile phone. though mobile phone is a tremendous useful gadget. is not beyond abuses. Mobile phones have adverse effects on our society. Some anti-social groups or criminals are using mobile phones to facilitate their anti-social tasks. Students spend a lot of hours using mobile phones which hampers their studies. Scientists believe that mobile phones cause brain tumours, genetic damage, and many other harmful diseases. Doctors believe that if someone talks on mobile phone for more than two minutes, his/her blood-brain barrier gets damaged. Also. blood pressure gets high and his/her red blood cells also get damaged. From the above discussion, it is crystal clear that mobile phones have both uses and abuses. In spite of their disadvantages, we cannot deny their necessity in our lives; as mobile phones play a significant role without which, our communication would become difficult and complicated.

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