Paragraph : Money and Honey

Money and Honey

Money is often compared to honey. To a certain extent, money is power and can do much good and much evil. It may set up a new standard of luxury and extravagance which will excite the emotion of men who cannot afford luxuries and cause the ruin of some. The greed of money is just like honey. Money is an essential thing. No man can do without money. It does the function of a medium, a measure, a standard, and a store. Money may be white or black. While money is the legal money which is accepted by all. This kind of money is circulated throughout the country. But black money is illegal and hence unacceptable. This kind of money creates a lot of problems. It is circulated without the approval of the government. As a result, the price of daily necessaries goes beyond the control of the government. Social injustice prevails all over the country. Foreign investment is totally discouraged. A very minor group of people become richer and the majority of them get poorer. Black money holders go about doing unlawful and illegal business in society. Social peace is totally marred and jeopardized while social justice is polluted. There should be a limit to the greed for money and money should be judiciously utilized.
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