Paragraph : Morality


Morality develops the conscience by which man can judge good or bad and right or wrong. Morality helps a man to guide himself in a proper way and cultivate all the virtues to become a complete man. Morality is related to humanity. Morality is such a great rational power that it grows naturally in human behaviour which cannot ignore logic and reason. But nowadays moral erosion is increasing. We are losing the invaluable virtue of morality. Our country prefers riches but not education. Our moral character is getting destroyed. The young generation is losing their character following the European and Indian cultural activities. This attitude can mislead the young generation. Terrorism is the greatest problem of modern times. Murder, hijacking, black money, child and female trafficking, acid throwing, unfair means in the examination are the common incidents of our country. All parents have the duty to make their children morally strong. If we do not practice morality from our childhood, we shall fair in every aspect of life.
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