Paragraph : My Favourite Teacher

My Favourite Teacher

All my teachers are very good, but one of them is favourite for me. A good teacher is the most important person in any educational institution. An ideal teacher wins a place in the heart of a good student and gradually turns to be a model. Mr Anil is my favourite teacher. To me, he is an ideal teacher. He has left a permanent impression on my mind by his extraordinary qualities. I am fond of his striking personality and admirable teaching method. His teaching methods are students spell-bound. He teaches like a successful actor. Because of his vast knowledge, he deserves high estimation. He is awarded the best English Teacher Award in our district. He is very strict where there is any corruption. However, his character is well-marked for his outstanding magnanimity and equal justice to every student. I respect my favourite teacher and love him from the very core of my heart.

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Dr. Rahman, a man of strong principles, is my favourite English teacher. His attitude towards his students is positive. He has his own style of teaching which includes asking quiz-type questions so that everyone in the class remains attentive to his lecture. He is the person who knows how to make the class interactive through a kind of pair work and group work. This kind of communicative language teaching (CLT) is always liked by the students because it directly helps them to learn a language practically. I think that the students will be able to talk in English fluently if they can follow his CLT process of learning English. This great guide does not impose his opinions on the students, rather shares his views with them. Actually, his class is a place of open discussion. All the students of the class admire him for his lucid language and friendly behaviour. We like this nobleman for his nice personality and honest tendence of making the students self-confident. HE always says, Honesty is the best policy. He frequently quotes from Socrates, “Know thyself.” We do not find any negative qualities in our teacher. We have learned something special what we expected from him. We are very proud of him.

Same composition collected from another book

I have come across many good teachers since my childhood. Among them, Mr. Anis Khan is the best one, and my favourite teacher as well. He is a very experienced and energetic person. He teaches us English. He is favourite not only to me but also to most of the students. He holds a very positive and optimistic attitude towards students. He always hopes for a bright future for his students and tries to enliven us with high ambitions and aspirations. He has been very famous for his outstanding capacity and extraordinary skill in making the students understand the rules and principles of English grammar. I personally admire him most for his excellent capability to hold our attention and concentration. In his class, we are so attentive and mindful that everything that he teaches seems very easy, simple and clear. Besides, he has a very clear and pleasant voice, which immediately attracts our full attention. He takes care of the weaker students by making his lecture easy and Pleasant. He is respected and admired not only by the students but also by our guardians, teachers and the Principal for his teaching techniques. In his class, he frequently inspires us by saying: "You who are now learning well would become a precious piece of hope in near future." Thus, he is always optimistic about our future, and we really appreciate him.
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