Paragraph : My Best friend

My Best friend

A man may have a number of friends, but one among them may be the best. I have some intimate friends. Of them, Sajal is my best friend. He is a class-fellow of mine. We have been reading together for three years. Sajal possesses a good moral character. Rude behaviour s totally unknown to him. Being a good student, he is in the good book of our teachers. As he is sociable, everybody likes him. He is not only a good student but also a good cricketer. I am proud of his success in the field. To speak the truth, I like him too much and he also likes me from his heart. Actually, his noble mind and his good behaviour attract me to be his friend. Whenever I visit his house, I find that he is helping his younger brother and sisters in their lessons. I also discuss lessons with him. The most striking quality of his character is his honesty. And he never speaks ill of others. So, I chose Sajal among others, as my best friend who realizes me and understands me thoroughly.
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