Dialogue about merits and demerits of using Facebook

Write a dialogue between two friends about the merits and demerits of using Facebook.

Mamun : Hey Maruf, what’re you doing on mobile?

Maruf : I’m collecting some study materials from my friends through Facebook.

Mamun : Being on Facebook while studying only kills time. I know there are some advantages of using facebook. But it also kills a lot of your time.

Maruf : I understand your concern, but you don’t need to worry about me. I’m well aware of the disadvantages of using Facebook. Why are you so negative about Facebook?

Mamun : Facebook and other social media platforms are indirectly creating a virtual world. People using such platforms often forget about existence in the real world.

Maruf : But these platforms are improving our communication system.

Mamun : You’re right. They’re virtually connecting people from distant places. But what happens to the people we live with together? Due to Facebook, people now spend a lot of time on Facebook and lack face-to-face communication. Don’t you understand that?

Maruf : Now, I do. There is no unmixed blessing in life, right?

Mamun : Right. We have to control using Facebook so that it doesn’t hamper our daily life, inter-personal relationships, and most importantly our real world.

Maruf : What you’re saying is we have to take the benefits and try to avoid the shortcoming.

Mamun : Absolutely right. Now, get your work on Facebook done quickly and study attentively. Otherwise, you’ll cut a sorry figure in your exams.

Maruf : Thank you. This conversation helped me realise the reality a lot.

Mamun : It’s my pleasure. Now, study hard.


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