Dialogue about preparation for SSC exam

Write a dialogue between two friends about their preparation for the SSC Examination.

Rashida : Hello, Rina! How’re you now?

Rina : Hi! I’m quite well now. Thank you.

Rashida : Our examination is knocking at the door. How’s your preparation?

Rina : Well, but not so well till now. You know, I couldn’t continue my studies for about fifteen days due to my illness. But I’m trying my best to overcome the gap.

Rashida : Oh! What’s your present condition?

Rina : I’ve already finished Bangla, mathematics, physics and religion. And now trying to finish chemistry and higher math within this week.

Rashida : Very good! What about English?

Rina : You know, I’m somewhat weak in English. So, I sit regularly with my elder sister and also take help from my tutor. I hope I can overcome the losses soon.

Rashida : I hope so. Because you’re sincere.

Rina : By the way, what about you?

Rashida : My preparation is quite well. I’ve completed all the subjects last week.

Rina : Great! What’re you doing now?

Rashida : Now, I’m solving test papers and taking mock tests.

Rina : Nice! I hope I can do the same from next week.

Rashida : All the best. Goodbye. 

Rina : Bye!
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