Dialogue with doctor and patient

Rahim feels out of sorts. He goes to his doctor to consult his health problem. The doctor checks his temperature, feels pulse and finds nothing serious. Now, write a dialogue between them.

Rahim : Good evening, doctor.

Doctor : Good evening. What’s your problem?

Rahim : I often feel sick. I have severe pain in the stomach for several days. I feel cold and shivery. Also, I’ve had a headache for two days.

Doctor : Please lie down on that couch ….. Do you feel pain here?

Rahim : Ooof! That’s quite painful!

Doctor : Open your mouth ….. a little wider. Put this thermometer under your tongue. (taking the thermometer out) Your temperature is little higher than normal. Let me feel your pulse. Hmm ….. a little rapid.

Rahim : I hope there’s nothing serious doctor.

Doctor : No, nothing serious. I’m giving you simple medicine - just for a week. Take it regularly.

Rahim : Thank you very much, doctor.

Doctor : You’re welcome.
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