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Postime may change generation to generation. Take an interview with your parents or grand-parents or elderly people of your family. Know about their pastime activities and take notes on them. Also think about the pastime activities of your generation. Write the differences and mention why these differences have taken place.

নমুনা সমাধান


Pastimes mean the things we like to do in our free time. It represents our personality and helps us to feel great. But pastimes vary from generation to generation. The only reason for this difference is time. Time changes many things. It changes our tests and abilities.

I’ve spoken to my parents and grandmother asking about pastimes in their time. And that is very shocking for me how the graph of our choices and decisions towards pastimes have been changing by the flow of time.

Now, I know the reasons for changing our views to pastimes. These are time & technology. Technology makes our time even more interesting. Apart from this, the process of urbanization, the aggression satellite TV & people dependence on technology have changed our lifestyle.
There is some way of differences for having pastimes are given below :
  1. In the earlier time, there was a huge appeal for playing cricket on ground, so we had many open field grounds. During our parent's generation on their parent's generation, going to neighbour house or hanging out in groups were very popular well. But now-a-days we can hardly see this. Now, boys & girls in our generation are more dependent on the computer or mobile for social working, video games or computer-assisted programmes.
  2. A survey also explains the reasons for the change in people’s choices. It says that TV has become a part of everyday life even to the insolvent section of society. This has resulted in larger number of young people opting for watching TV is one of the most favourite pastimes.
  3. The reason for selecting computer-based programmes, that computer technology is getting cheaper, easier & also popular now. That means our young generations are stepping e-world.

Despite this, there is some kind of people still now believe in pastimes without modern technology like gardening, reading books, playing out games etc. I also do like playing games like chess, ludu, carom etc. Reading books & watching movies is my favourite pastimes.

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