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My Childhood

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The sweetest period of a man’s life is his childhood. It is full of joy and pleasure affection and purity.

I was born in a small village in Mymensingh. I was the only son of the family and the sole object of care and affection of all the members. My grandmother was then living. She had an inexhaustible (অফুরন্ত) store of fairy tales which she used to open up every evening in order to please me.

It took four years to complete my course there and thereby got myself admitted to class V of the local High School. As I grew in intelligence, I began to take a keen interest in my lessons. During my school days, I used to take great interest in games and sports. I passed the S.S.C. Examination in the first division from that school.

My childhood was a time of dream. At times I used to dream about my future life and career. I always dreamt to furnish my surrounding with everything good. So the days I spent in my childhood was happy ones. Now I am facing the reality and can observe the difference between dream and reality.

What a time this childhood was! Everything then appeared to me charming and life was as happy as anyone could wish it to be. Even on this day when I recall the happy memories of my childhood, I seem to live the same life again in imagination.

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Childhood is the sweetest period of human life. My childhood memories were full of happiness and pleasure. They are now only a source of joy. As I peep into my past, they flash into my mind’s eye. 

I am the eldest son of my parents. Obviously, everybody loved me dearly. I was especially taken care of by every family member. I was very much favourite for my grandmother. She would usually give me sweet and told me fairy tales. 

On market day, I would go to the village market with my grandfather. First of all, he would buy me any sweet which I liked. Sometimes he took me on his shoulder when I was a mere child. He would also save me from my parents if they would rebuke me. 

My first day at school is also fresh in my mind. One fine morning, my father took me to the headmaster of a nearby primary school. The headmaster showed me affection and gave me a book of pictures. I felt very happy to have that book. 

Besides, my childhood was full of freedom and joy. I would often play with my friends. On summer noon, I would pluck mangoes with them. I had a great fascination with picking green mangoes. I used to swim in the river and jump into it. 

During my holidays, when my mother went to sleep at noon, I sometimes stole away and went to the railway line. There together with other children, I would gather pebbles. We also watched how the trains passed. Once the train went out of sight, it would pass on to an unknown world. 

My childhood was full of blessing. It was full of happiness and thrill. I enjoyed my childhood days very much. I wish I would have got these days back again!

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