Composition : A Memorable Day in Your Life

A Memorable Day in Your Life

↬ The Day You Remember Most

In the short span of my life, many events occurred. I cannot remember all. However, I have a memorable event which I cannot forget. It often flickers my memory. 

I was then a student of class five. It was the day when my result was to be published. I was anxious about my place in the class. The headmaster was declaring the results of successive classes. I felt terribly nervous. Just then I heard my name declared. In the result, I came out first in the class. I could not believe my ears. I asked one of my friends. He ensured that I was not making a mistake. The headmaster then called me with other brilliant students to join a photo session with him. I felt highly thrilled. 

As soon as I became free, I ran directly to my house. I found my mother cooking. She embraced me as she heard my performance. My father learnt it in the afternoon. He bought me a new shirt. I had a new kind of feeling for standing first in the exam. Since then I was especially taken care of by my teachers. 

Earlier I could stand second or third. But I could not become first. As my dream was true, I felt thrilled and excited. I was, in fact, a turning point in my life. I cannot forget the memory of my first achievement in life.

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