Composition : A Cricket Match You Witnessed

A Cricket Match You Witnessed

↬ An Exciting Cricket Match that you Have Witnessed

Cricket is an international game. Once nobody in our country knows how to play cricket. Now, Bangladesh is floating on the cricket tide. Even, the remotest area of Bangladesh is not an exception. The game cricket is very popular here. The other day, I witnessed a very exciting cricket match. The match was played between our college team and Ratanpur Cricket Club team. 

Our college won the toss and sent Ratanpur Cricket Club to bat. At first, the opening batsmen of Ratanpur Cricket Club began to collect runs with a great speed. In fifty minutes, the total score was 80. But after that, four wickets fell in quick succession for only 5 runs. At their fifth wicket, they again scored a few runs. In this way, they went on scoring runs very quickly. That was their mistake. They were bundled out for 99 runs. 

Our college team went to bat after lunch. We were sorry to see our opening batsman’s LBW out at the first ball. However, our 2nd and 4th wicket played very well. Gradually, the score went up and up and it stood at 96 for nine. Great was the excitement when we needed 4 runs to win with the last wicket and one ball to spare. On the other hand, they needed only one wicket or to check the run. The excitement was at the peak. Our hearts began to beat fast and our faces were pale. All on a sudden, the last ball was bowled. We closed our eyes. Babu drove his bat like a violent storm. The ball was in flight and took shelter on the roof of our college. It was six. We won the match by one wicket. 

Excitement in cricket match does not occur often. But the match narrated above the really very exciting. We enjoyed it till the end. It was indeed a closely contested match.

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