Composition : A Football Match You Witnessed

A Football Match You Witnessed

↬ An Exciting Football Match That You Have Witnessed

Football is the most popular game. It is played all over the world. The World Cup Football is called ‘the greatest show on earth’. Few days back, I witnessed a football match on television. It was played between Turkey and Brazil. 

The match created a sort of excitement among us. It was a keenly contested match. We were watching the game on television in the open field. We were all divided to support each team participating in the game. I was a supporter of the Turkey team. 

The match was played in Korea. It started at 3:00pm and continued up to 5:00pm with an interval of 15 minutes. Brazil was one of the top favourite teams. I felt very excited when the Turkey team scored a goal. With the scoring of the goal, we clapped together rending the sky. The players of Brazil were driven mad to pay Turkey back. They were trying their best to make a score. After 60 minutes, Ronaldo, the striker of Brazil, headed a ball into the net. Soon the match turned more competitive. 

Turkey made several attacks. Still, they failed due to the strong defence of Brazilian team. The match was going ahead with suspense and excitement. Unfortunately, the Brazilian team got a penalty kick against Turkey. The penalty was a controversial one. It was seen on the display that the foul was made outside the penalty box. Brazil won the match by one goal coming from penalty. And with it, the interest of the match was lost. 

The penalty was decisive in fixing the fate of the match. The Brazilians have reverberated with enthusiasm. Turkey, however, fought to the end. I felt disappointed and nervous at the defeat of Turkey.

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