Composition : What I Would Do If I Win A Prize Worth Taka One Lac

What I Would Do If I Win A Prize Worth Taka One Lac

I have purchased a lottery ticket. The first prize bears the cash value of Tk. 1,00,000. I may win the prize or may not. Often I have my day-dream that I shall win the first prize. I have my ideas about the way I shall spend the money if I win the prize.

I shall open a library and have it in a room next to my study. I shall start it with some almirahs and about several thousands of choice books. I shall subscribe for the library to three or four monthly magazines and two or three daily papers. I shall have a friend or two to assist me. We shall among ourselves issue books to readers on a small yearly subscription and have the book back. We shall have a set of rules for this of course and a register to make entries for issue and return of books.

I would like to arrange debates, songs and recitations in the library on occasions. Thus I would make the library a centre of culture from where to spread knowledge in and around my village. I shall set up a night school or educate the illiterate people. I shall also set up a charitable dispensary for free medical treatment of poor people.

This is the best way to my mind, how to make the right use of the money. If God gives me this opportunity. I will try my best to fulfil my ambition.
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