Composition : A Street Accident

A Street Accident

↬ An Accident That You Witnessed

Now-a-days serious street accident happens almost daily in busy towns and cities owing to the carelessness of pedestrians (পথিক) or reckless driving. Only a week ago I witnessed a serious street accident. Its memory is still vivid in my mind.

The accident took place on the Nawabpur Road at about 10:30 a.m. on April 10, 2018. I witnessed it while I was going to school.

On that day I was going hurriedly to school through Nawabpur Road. A boy of seven or eight was crossing the road. He did not look on either side. A car was going towards Sadarghat at top speed. The boy was just in front of the car. The driver of the car could not control its motion in spite of his earnest efforts. It ran over the boy in the twinkling of an eye and sped away without stopping.

My pedestrians flocked round the boy who was lying unconscious in a pool of blood in the middle of the road. At once I lifted the boy into an auto-rickshaw and went to the hospital. There he was attended by the doctors and the nurses. They said that the case was almost hopeless. I returned from the hospital with a heavy heart.

I did not go to school that day. This left such an impression on my mind that I could not sleep in the night. The face of the boy lying in a pool of blood still haunts me. Such an accident is not welcomed to me any more. I think everybody will hope so.

An Accident I Witnessed.

Same composition collected from another book

Street accidents have become a daily tragedy in Bangladesh. There is not a single day when an accident does not take place and people die. The day before yesterday, I witnessed such a very horrible accident. A man instantly died there. 

I was going to college. As I was a little bit late, I was hurrying up. On my way to college, when I was crossing a turn, I saw a truck coming from the right corner. It blew its horn. In the meanwhile, a middle-aged man was crossing the road from the left to the right. He perhaps did not hear the horn of the truck. The truck was in its full speed. As it came nearer, the front wheel knocked the man directly and the wheel behind crushed him to death. In the twinkling of an eye, the man became flesh of blood. His body became completely deformed. 

As the truck was trying to leave, I made a shout to stop it. Very soon people gathered there only to see the horror of the blood. Police also rushed to the spot and seized the truck. But before that, the angry mob set fire on it. 

Witnessing suck an accident, I became horrified. I could see how death takes human life in various form. I felt so depressed and sad that I returned home immediately. The whole day, I remained confined to my bedroom. I could only see the image of the man and his body lying in a pool of blood. It was the most shocking event, I ever saw in my life.


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